A Habit of Highly Effective HR Professionals

Measure Against Business Objectives

Traditional HR thinking tells us that HR is a one-size-fits-all set of best practices, with standardized processes and procedures with which managers must comply across the board. But effective practitioners know that HR does not exist in a vacuum.

If people are a company’s most valuable asset, then the acquisition, retention, and development of people must be strategically aligned with the unique goals of your business. And since every business has different goals, every HR practice must be tailored to those specific goals.

The best HR pros recognize this, and make it a habit to constantly check-in with leadership to make sure that HR strategies are aligned with overall business objectives.

Communication with business strategists and stakeholders is key. Constant check-ins with your company’s executive leadership will help ensure that you aren’t spinning your wheels, that you are sourcing and hiring the right candidates, and that you are creating the right culture for your business.


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