New Hires Suffering in Silence with Remote Onboarding Programs

Evansville, Indiana Human Resources Company

HR Solutions, an Evansville, Indiana Human Resources Company

At HR Solutions, an Evansville, Indiana Human Resources Company, we know that employees who were hired during the COVID-19 pandemic are struggling to get connected in the social fabric and culture of their new organizations. Their struggle may or may not be recognizable because they’re providing 34% less peer recognition than their counterparts from the previous year. Covid-19 hired employees are 20% less likely to acknowledge company values by tagging values to the recognition they do provide.


Surprisingly, if you survey the 2020 new hires in the Evansville, Newburgh and Mt. Vernon areas, they’ll self report doing just as well as the previous year’s new hires. But their behaviors betray the survey results. Fortunately, the research shows this unobserved challenge can be overcome by placing management attention on your organization’s mission and values and investing in a mentoring program.


When COVID-19 landed on the corporate America world, many companies and organizations had to learn how to work remotely, and that included onboarding new hires in a remote manner as well. A recent survey of 100 organizations that onboarded more than 500 new hires between April and September 2019 showed that 2019 and 2020 new hires rated their overall onboarding experience almost identically, with 2020 being about 2% higher on average. Most leaders would probably take this as a positive sign that they’ve successfully adapted their new hire onboarding process to Zoom, Teams, and other remote methods.


At HR Solutions we understand that COVID-19 has materially altered how business leaders think about their employees and the future of working in an office environment. Undoubtedly, there will be more remote-only, remote-first, and hybrid models instead of business as usual as businesses adapt to the pandemic and move forward through out the future.  This does not mean that new hires need to have a less-than-stellar onboarding experience that manifests both attitudinally and — more importantly — behaviorally.

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