Talent Acquisition Trends in 2024 (Early Career Hiring)

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Early Career Hiring

It’s never too early: Doubling down on early career hiring

Some professional jobs will continue to call for college degrees. But in 2024, recruiters will cast their net wider. Larger employers will woo candidates while they’re still in high school. Others will search for hires in technical and non-traditional higher education institutions. There are a couple of reasons for this. Finance plays a part. Entry-level hires command lower salaries than their more qualified counterparts— making them an especially attractive choice when budgets are tight. Finding new ideas and building an inclusive business are just as important. The wider the talent pool, the easier it’ll be for organizations to hit their DE&I goals. But young hires today expect more from employers – more inclusion, more balance, more compassion. We’re finding a call for more empathy, emotional intelligence, and focus on mental health at work than ever before. It’s on employers to step up and support their people.


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