10 Resume Writing Tips To Help You Land a Position

Employers use resumes throughout the hiring process to learn more about candidates and determine whether they might be a good fit. An effective resume is easy to read, summarizes your accomplishments and skills and highlights relevant experience. Learning how to showcase your credentials on a resume can help you impress potential employers. In this article,… Read More »

10 Common Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Resignation numbers have remained abnormally high in the U.S. between July 2021 and October 2021, with millions of Americans quitting their jobs — which also means there are millions of new openings up for grabs. If you’re entering the market for the first time, or just looking to make a change, use this guide to prepare for your… Read More »

How to Jump-Start Your Job Search in 2024: A Guide to Landing Your Dream Job

Navigating the job market can be challenging for seasoned professionals and those entering the workforce for the first time. Considering the uncertainty of the economy and the ever-changing landscape, taking a strategic approach to your job search is imperative. Additionally, the job market is expected to remain competitive in 2024. Further, January and February are… Read More »

Talent Acquisition Trends in 2024 (Hiring for Skills)

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Hiring for Skills It’s not about where you’ve been, it’s what you know: hiring for skills In 2024, it’s your skills (not the pedigree of past employers on your resume) that count. It’s a big win for diversity, equity and inclusion. And widening the talent pool will bring big advantages to organizations, too. With so… Read More »

Talent Acquisition Trends in 2024 (Early Career Hiring)

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Early Career Hiring It’s never too early: Doubling down on early career hiring Some professional jobs will continue to call for college degrees. But in 2024, recruiters will cast their net wider. Larger employers will woo candidates while they’re still in high school. Others will search for hires in technical and non-traditional higher education institutions.… Read More »

The Future of Recruiting 2024

With hiring around the world still in decline, employers will be increasingly vigilant about making sure every hire is the right one. “If you’re not going to be growing as much in the coming year, you want to have a degree of comfort that you have the right people,” says Amy Schultz, global head of talent acquisition… Read More »

HR in 2024 ( pt 2 )

  Another key focus for HR in 2024 is fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within organizations. With a growing awareness of the importance of diversity in driving innovation and performance, HR departments are implementing strategies to attract, retain, and develop a diverse workforce. This includes implementing bias-aware recruitment processes, offering diversity… Read More »

HR in 2024 ( pt. 1 )

In 2024, Human Resources (HR) functions continue to evolve in response to technological advancements, shifting workforce demographics, and changing organizational needs. One significant trend is the increased integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation into HR processes. AI-driven tools streamline recruitment, enhance employee engagement, and optimize talent management. Machine learning algorithms analyze large datasets to… Read More »

The Impact of Going Above and Beyond on Your Career and Life

Doing more than expected at work is a common practice in many organizations. It involves going beyond the call of duty to achieve better results and exceed expectations. This can include taking on additional responsibilities, working longer hours, or simply putting in more effort to complete tasks. The importance of doing more than expected at… Read More »

How to Recruit Top Talent for your Company in 7 Steps

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Recruiting top talent is important in every industry, and in some industries, hiring qualified people is especially competitive. There are certain strategies human resource (HR) professionals and hiring managers can use to recruit talented people. Understanding how to appeal to top talent and move them through the hiring process may help you increase the number… Read More »