The Future of Recruiting 2024

With hiring around the world still in decline, employers will be increasingly vigilant about making sure every hire is the right one.

“If you’re not going to be growing as much in the coming year, you want to have a degree of comfort that you have the right people,” says Amy Schultz, global head of talent acquisition at Canva. In fact, recruiting pros say sourcing high quality candidates is the No. 1 objective in 2024.

Measuring quality of hire

While quality of hiring is becoming more important, it is also notoriously difficult for companies to track and measure. To do so effectively, employers will need to first determine what qualifies as a “quality hire” at their organization and then choose the variables they’ll measure. The following are some of the factors that TA leaders told us they consider:

  • Job performance: To what extent does the new employee achieve or surpass specific goals and objectives related to their job?
  • Team fit: Is the new hire improving the team’s agility? Is the team more capable of getting work done?
  • Culture add: Some employers are looking at whether a new hire’s values are in line with their organizations’ principles and mission.
  • Productivity: Is the individual meeting their productivity targets?
  • Retention: How long an employee stays at the company can be an important indicator of quality of hire, though other variables influence a worker’s length of stay.

There’s also optimism around the potential for Gen AI to help inform quality of hire. “In the future, I think there’s a possibility that Gen AI could help us string together data points to tell a richer story about the success of a hire and their likely trajectory,” says Mark E. Smith, senior director, global talent acquisition at Medtronic.

For years, Talent Acquisition has been focused on metrics like time-to-fill and acceptance rates. But today, leadership is asking us about the quality of our hires and how we are measuring that.”

Amy Schultz
Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Canva


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