Young Worker? Be a teammate to succeed!

Young Worker? Be a teammate to succeed!

Are you a millennial or young worker and want to know what skills you need to score your first job? Here’s a secret from HR Solutions: It’s not PowerPoint, Excel or Photoshop. A recent survey found that employers care more about “soft skills”—such as integrity, reliability and teamwork—than they do technical abilities like reading comprehension and mathematics. Hard skills can be taught but in today’s job market, employers are more concerned about whether a job candidate has the right attitude and work ethic first.

Teamwork is something that most employers say they highly value in not only their young employees, but all employees. Here’s what younger employees can do during a job interview to show that they understand teamwork and can be a team player.


83% of the employers in a recent survey said that teamwork is one of their organizations top priority when deciding to hire an entry-level job seekers. The study defined teamwork as “the ability to work effectively with others.”

To convey that you’re going to be a viable part of a team, don’t use ‘I’ language when talking about team experiences, rather than saying, ‘I did this,’ and, ‘I did that,’ when describing a group project, focus on the results as a whole. For instance, when describing how you helped run and organize a charity event, you could say, “Being able to help organize the event and raise over $5,000 in donations as a team was a really rewarding experience for me.”

Another way to show you’re a team player? Talk about an internship experience where you worked with your peers to successfully complete a project and how being a part of that group was rewarding and what you learned from your teammates.


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