What do young professionals want in a workplace? Part 3

What do young professionals want in a workplace? We’ve put together a 3 part series explaining it all!

Making your Evansville area company attractive to young professionals is an important step in ensuring long-term growth and success. Today’s top talent is not interested in just punching the timecard. They are looking for meaningful work, a flexible environment, and strong relationships.

As of 2017, Evansville area millennials—those born between 1981 and 1996—make up the largest generation in the workforce. They are bringing with them creative talents, special capabilities, and work ethics. They are also bringing a number of expectations about the type of companies they want to work for, the offices they want to spend their working time, and the style of working they want to execute. The percentage of millennials in the workforce is on the rise, quickly becoming the dominant demographic in many industries. This is extremely true in the office environment, where millennials now make up the majority of workers. Overall, millennials make up a whopping 37% of the workforce today.




Open and honest communication throughout a large or small Evansville area business is another important way to make young professionals feel valued, and it is a corporate standard they have come to expect. Local millennials want creative freedom to communicate their ideas. They want to feel welcome to express these ideas by their superiors. And they expect honest, thoughtful feedback on their contributions.

When employees feel empowered to express their opinions, it drives participation and collaboration. It makes goal setting an inclusive exercise. No one gets out of bed each day excited to fill their role as another cog in the wheel. They want to feel that they are contributing to the overall strategy and success of the business. That strategy should be expressed regularly to the workforce by business leaders and an open door policy should be encouraged. Goals, budgets, and overall health of the business should never be considered taboo. Employees need to know what they are working with in order to understand how to optimize their own departmental or individual strategies.

Transparency also includes a clear path towards career advancement. Ambitious young professionals have their eyes set on career development, no matter their role in the business. Development can take the form of networking opportunities, training, and mentorship. These workers want to know where they stand when the measuring stick comes out, and have the ability to work with their superiors to formulate and execute a plan for improvement and advancement. Transparent dialog is the key to fostering strong relationships.


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