What do young professionals want in a workplace? Pt. 1

What do young professionals want in a workplace? We’ve put together a 3 part series explaining it all!

Making your Evansville area company attractive to young professionals is an important step in ensuring long-term growth and success. Today’s top talent is not interested in just punching the timecard. They are looking for meaningful work, a flexible environment, and strong relationships.
As of 2017, Evansville area millennials—those born between 1981 and 1996—make up the largest generation in the workforce. They are bringing with them creative talents, special capabilities, and work ethics. They are also bringing a number of expectations about the type of companies they want to work for, the offices they want to spend their working time, and the style of working they want to execute. The percentage of millennials in the workforce is on the rise, quickly becoming the dominant demographic in many industries. This is extremely true in the office environment, where millennials now make up the majority of workers. Overall, millennials make up a whopping 37% of the workforce today.




Why? Flexibility takes many forms for young professionals. This is the first generation of workers who grew up in the age of the internet. They are technologically skilled, early adopters of new tech trends, and fully aware of the power and freedom that comes with 24/7 connectivity. The rise of the gig economy, with a whopping 43% expected to go freelance by 2023, has shown that young professionals value flexibility even more than security. In order to compete, traditional companies must offer the same benefits.

In the office, that means this Evansville area group does not want to be tethered to a single desk. They want the option for activity-based working so they can find a location in the office that is best suited for their current task. Whether that is brainstorming with a small group in a huddle room, taking a phone call in a private phone booth, finding some quiet time on a couch in a lounge, or taking part in a meeting in a larger conference room.


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