Why Internships Help Careers


Internships are a Great Way for Work Experience!

Unpaid internships are controversial, but work experience can be incredibly useful when trying to break into any new career or industry. Why is an internship great? To start, it works: a recent government survey of HR professionals revealed that 85% of employers felt relevant work experience was more important that non-vocational degrees. Internships are a great way to gain real world work experience with less pressure than beginning a work career. Just like the old saying about dipping your toes before jumping in, internships do just that.

Why does an internship work? In a lot of industries, many candidates may not have studied the areas in school, so experience will count for more than education. Working for free or at a reduced wage also shows a lot of determination and character; if you’re willing to work for weeks, months or longer in return for little more than the chance to learn and be a part of the company, it shows a lot of determination and dedication that employers love from their workforce.

Work experience or internships aren’t possible for everyone, but if it’s an option for you, it could give you an edge over other candidates.