What is your talent story?

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At HR Solutions, Inc., an Evansville human resources company, we know your talent story is your talent story. When your CEO, you, or a hiring manager, sit in front of a new employee candidate from low-skill, to a c-suite position, what story is your company sharing? Is it the same for various levels, does it adjust based on the complexity and value of the position, or maybe you’re selling a story about the future or the past?

There is no HR technology available right now that will help you draft your talent story. This one is on you, your employees and your company, and while it doesn’t have to be a novel, it might be the single most difficult thing you put together as a talent pro in your career.

Why is developing your talent story difficult for your business?

It’s an organizational and leadership story. So, while the leadership might have a talent vision, the story is something that the majority can agree with, in the present. At HR Solutions Inc., an Evansville human resources company, we realized that most of us have a hard time talking about positives, and instead, focus on what we aren’t strong at.

Professional tip: Every organization has strengths and weaknesses at some stuff. Lighten up on yourself a bit. We don’t want to sell reality, we want to sell where we hope to be in the near future. Our company leaders have a different story in their heads than most employees, because, quite frankly, they are living a very different talent story than your rank and file.

The best talent stories are not inclusive, they’re exclusive! The top performing organizations are exclusive in their talent story as well as being champions of DEI. We want people who are “X” and they are very clear about who they are and who they want to join them.

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