Need To Cut People Costs? You Have More Options Than You Think.

With Covid-19 and uncertainty we got an uptick in questions about options for adjusting employee size and business structure. The great news is that there are options, and your business might be able to use a combination of tactics to meet changing business environment goals. Here’s a quick overview of the most common options, and… Read More »

Evansville HR Specialist: Keeping Connected in a Remote Workplace

At HR Solutions, Inc., an Evansville HR Specialist, we know that COVID-19, aka the coronavirus, has had an impact on just about every single person in the world. Most importantly, your employees. Now, more than ever, engaging your employees will be critical for the health of your people and your organization. Some of your workforce… Read More »

What is your talent story?

At HR Solutions, Inc., an Evansville human resources company, we know your talent story is your talent story. When your CEO, you, or a hiring manager, sit in front of a new employee candidate from low-skill, to a c-suite position, what story is your company sharing? Is it the same for various levels, does it… Read More »