The 4 Fundamental Reasons Why Companies Use External recruiters to Hire

Originally published 4/5/2021 on the Excelerant blog.

When a company partners with an external recruiter, the company benefits from the recruiter’s years of experience and knowledge. Salary norms, skills qualifications, career expectations, and the hiring environment all work together in the hiring puzzle, and these are all factors in the reasons why companies work with a recruiter for a successful hire.

Reason #4: Dedicated, Professional Experience

A dedicated in-house recruiter is not often seen in smaller companies, so recruiting and hiring become a side duty for human resources or key leaders.  This can be a distraction away from their core responsibilities and is often outside of their skill set.

Working with an external recruiter gives companies a dedicated resource for the project of hiring for an open position and gives a tremendous advantage for finding the best candidates through a professional and effective hiring process.

An external recruiter makes the hiring process a polished experience for the candidates, creating a positive first impression of the company.

The external recruiter also makes the hiring process an effective one for the employer by utilizing a toolbox of tested interview skills and assessment tools.

Reason #3: Shortlist of The Best

Finding candidates with the right mix of skills to fulfill the job requirements is challenging and time intensive.

An external recruiter saves companies time because the recruiter does the heavy lifting. A good recruiter crafts the job description, gathers the applicant information, conducts the initial phone interviews and asks the critical questions to narrow the applicant pool and deliver only the best potential candidates to the hiring manager.

Reason #2: Salary benchmarking

In a competitive job market, an employer wants to be sure of the correct salary for the position.  A recruiter can be relied on to provide accurate, up to date compensation benchmarking information.

No one wants to invest the effort in the hiring process, only to lose a qualified candidate because of a misaligned compensation offer. The recruiter will consider external competitiveness, indirect compensation, regional averages, and the level of the position.

The compensation package, salary and benefits together can make or break a candidates’ interest in the position.

Reason # 1: Culture Fit

Understanding a company’s values, goals, and practices is a priority in making a good match.  A company’s values, goals, and practices are its culture, and a positive culture is the intangible that can boost morale and increase employee retention. Adding a new personality into the cultural mix is a real risk that companies will want to respect.

Asking a series of carefully crafted interview questions and assessing a candidates’ work and communication styles are two tactics that a recruiter uses to gauge a candidate’s potential success in acclimating to a new team.

By partnering with an external recruiter, a hiring company uses their internal assets of time and energy only on those candidates who have been pre-selected and who have the qualifications and fit worthy of consideration.

Tracy Herman, MBA, ACC – Prior to joining Excelerant as a coach and consultant, Tracy was a nationally recognized leader and multi-campus senior level leader at a For-Profit Educational Institution. Throughout her career she was able to coach and develop managers and directors to create and lead high performing teams, recruit, and develop talent, and maintain a culture where people thrive and enjoy coming to work. Tracy also has a history of working with start-ups and turning around underperforming teams by focusing on coaching, mentoring, processes, and culture.



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