Researching a Potential Employer

Things to Do When Researching a Company

Researching potential employers in the Southern Indiana and Evansville area is vital to any effective job hunt. This research comes in handy at three pivotal times during a job search: first when you’re deciding what kind of employer you’d like to work for, then when you are ready to apply, and finally when you’re interviewing and your knowledge of the company is put to the test.

How to research a company:

1. Look for companies that share your values.
2. Research employee benefits the company provides.
3. Learn about the company’s business operations.
4. Research the company’s leadership.
5. Expand your research to news and recent events.
6. Ask your network for opinions.
7. Scan the news headlines for red flags.
8. Set aside the time necessary to research properly.
9. Review related local news stories, forums and business journals.
10. Understand the type of company you want to work for.
11. Be strategic in how you share your research in an interview.






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