Kickstart Your IT Career with these 5 Entry-Level Jobs

5 Entry-Level Jobs to Kickstart Your IT Career

Over the past several years, the staff at HR Solutions, Inc. has noticed the ongoing demand for IT workers has continued to grow, and as technology gets bigger, it only makes sense to consider an entry-level IT job in the Southern Indiana area. It’s hard to resist the variety of niches and attractive salaries the ever growing IT industry offers. Entry-level jobs are open to people looking to start their careers or professionals looking for a career shift.

Here are 5 entry-level IT jobs to consider as you begin your job search. Keep in mind that the average salary for each job can be affected by many factors like location, experience, skills, educational background, and negotiation during the hiring process.

1. Computer Support Specialist

2. Network and Computer Systems Administrators

3. Website and Applications Developer

4. Technical Writer

5. Information Security Analyst

Entry-level IT jobs in the Southern Indiana area are the best start if you’re considering entering the IT industry. Although it may require a wide variety of taking courses and on-the-job training , it will definitely help you to grow professionally and provide career prospects in the long run. Start by using your connections to locate a work opportunity or apply for these roles via the company website or social sites such as LinkedIn.






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